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We provide technology solutions to reach your business objectives

Expertise, Customer Service, and Efficiency

are the values we pride ourselves on to deliver a successful client engagement and ongoing relationship.

Successful Technology Solutions through Innovative Systems

Our applications are designed to present information in a format and sequence that anticipates, responds to, and enhances the user’s needs, process and modes of perception.

Our Standard Applications

Human Resource Information Systems Toolset

These systems incorporate an extensive feature set of all-in-one functionality to assist with the management of employee ecology on a day-to-day and annual basis:

Compensation Administration

Provides the full range of employee compensation management: assignment, calculation, analysis and reporting of performance ratings, merit, lump sums, promotions, market adjustments, bonuses and equity awards. Some of the features of the system include: outside of guidelines alerts, customizable reports, real time charts and tables, watch lists, data exporting to excel, electronic approval/sign off process, compensation and total reward statements, tracking of employee salary/performance/job history, employee population visibility control, and currency conversion/translations for international locations. As with all of our systems, data importing and exporting seamlessly integrates with existing legacy systems.

Compensation Modeling

Users can analyze and adjust system recommended employee compensation for new hires and internal job moves based on user defined and configurable settings. Key functionality features include: submit and track employee compensation models; select job information by job family, grade/band, and title; compare proposed employee position pay ranges with internal incumbent ranges and external market ranges; download compensation analysis and compensation offers.

Hiring & Interviewing

Web pages and on-site round-up of potential hires using our software on a mobile platform makes data collection and tracking through the stages of the hiring process easier. Information is submitted and stored online and can be retrieved to use at any time. Our interview application manages the interview process from start to finish and includes assignments, scheduling, reporting capabilities, interview marathon and liaison communication job information by job family, grade/band, and title; compare proposed employee position pay ranges with internal incumbent ranges and external market ranges; download compensation analysis and compensation offers.

Incentive Plan Modeling /Sales Commission Calculation Tools

Designed to run “what if” scenarios for to determine appropriate incentive plans. Once plans are determined, the tool can be used to track and administer the plans and sales commissions. Via a control panel users can manipulate many variables, such as: thresholds, targets, maximums, performance measures, weightings, and hurdles. Multiple scenarios can be saved and compared against each other. Graphical and tabular data are displayed to enhance decision making.

Job Description Database

Facilitates the completion a Job Content Questionnaires; users select from a database of survey descriptions to describe the position being evaluated; information about a position is used for purposes of market pricing and job evaluation; functionality allows the merging of several survey descriptions into a final document.

Market Pricing

Effectively save and manage current and aged salary survey data from different vendors. Compare salary survey information from multiple surveys with any position in the company and construct market composites that can be further refined with user defined weighting and aging. Other functionality includes: output annual survey participation work with a user friendly match review process; download a variety of standard and customizable reports; download analysis from the system in several formats, including Excel for additional ad hoc analysis; store and retrieve historical matches.

Performance / Talent Management

This system provides a foundational platform to effectively manage employee performance reviews. It serves as a central online performance development and talent review tool. It is easy to use, empowering employees to manage their own performance, update goals and development plans and encourage feedback. Essentially, it manages the complete process utilizing key features such as: enforcement of strategic Goal Alignment from the CEO to throughout the organization; central source for site settings, user account information and administration capabilities including data downloads into Excel; detailed reporting capabilities and change log – a key tool to monitor for auditing purposes; structure for viewing past and current assessments; intelligent security using a hierarchy system (each user only sees employees and data applicable to them); electronic sign-off and date functionality; each section available in a printable view format; context help pop-up controls placed next to subheads for quick descriptions/reference points; multi-rater and 360-degree feedback performance reviews; 90-day / Initial performance review forms; check goals and competencies via a mid-year check in; central source for documenting self and employee observations (storing notes on people throughout the year); sharing access and enforces review and workflow processes.

Span of Control

Helps create an Organizational Design that supports growth and long term success. Analyses and manages to the number of subordinates who report directly and indirectly to each people leader. This helps create an Organizational Design that supports growth and long term success, such as through increased speed of decision making, employee empowerment, trust between employees and people leaders, improved communications, and greater organizational flexibility.

Stock Option Tracking

Facilitates the tracking of employee’s stock options within the company; any employee can login and check number of options granted, grant price, expiration date, and stock option value. Additional information is available to employees through a downloadable FAQ document.

Succession Planning

This tool helps decision-makers and HR to identify the most appropriate candidates to fill selected positions. The tool evaluates each employee and position against a variety of critical measures. Using a system specified algorithm, visualizations are generated showing the best match employees for each position enabling quick visual decision making. Additional employee statistics are shown such as salary, compa ratio, time in position, and employee history. Other features include: selection of candidates based on best fit or best developmental fit; compare statistics against other candidates, current incumbent and computer generated benchmark; control number of comparison candidates; change information display to show several different criteria; generate a gap analysis.

A Sampling of Our Standard Business Information Systems

Like our Standard HR Information Systems all of our Standard Business Applications are designed to present information in a format and sequence that anticipates, responds to, and enhances the user’s needs, process and modes of perception:

Professionally Managed Email Delivery Systems

We make email communications, surveys and overall promotional tracking a seamless process. From layout, to transmission, to hosting customized dashboards—users spend more time on strategy than execution. Turn to us for Web-based surveys which we engineer, host, and provide analysis; an effective and efficient way to manage your customer’s feedback. Our robust system incorporates rich media email; full-service set-up and deployment; customized match-back tool; list management/data processing and tracking/reporting capabilities.

Survey/Intelligence Gathering Tools

We know the importance of gathering intelligence from your users and potential customers and have developed a survey model that is engineered, hosted and managed through a custom dashboard. Many clients find it an indispensable tool.

Database Solutions Processing & Analysis

When it comes to mastering data management, we’ve got you covered. From list analysis, to data pulls and cleansing to advanced analytics, this specialty will bring more visibility to your marketing and sales efforts along with guiding your strategic focus.

Information Architecture

We incorporate enterprise architecture, business intelligence and business process management fundamentals into our projects—the result is information that is adaptive and efficient for any type of organization.

Conference Streaming and Multimedia Solutions

Master your online content using our technologies enabling video streaming, perfectly synchonized audio and slide presentations using full-featured player functionality, searchable media track descriptions, downloadable media and pdf files and back-end reporting and tracking. Our innovative solution takes online content delivery to the next level—we offer your customers the added value to watch, listen and download information from a conference or meeting via a web-based portal. A host of features make a “must have” for any conference organizer or corporate marketer.

Hiring and Interview Tools

On-site round-up of potential hires using our software on a mobile platform makes data collection and tracking easier. Information is submitted and stored online and can be retrieved to use at any time.

Our Interview application manages the interview process from start to finish. Some of the elements in this system include: an interviewer and applicant database, assignment, scheduling and reporting capability, and liaison communication tools.

Our Custom Applications

We’re like Your Own In-House
Full-Service Technology Agency

Custom Technology Solutions

The wonder of technology is that it isn’t one size fits all—the world of information technology management solutions is full of new ways to maximize system scenarios and models.

Many times our customers will approach us with complex issues they need help solving. We thrive on this type of challenge! No topic area is too big or too small, the more we tap into our strengths and experience, the more your company will receive a custom solution that redefines processes, systems and data.

Iterative Design Process

When developing our custom applications we employ the use of our iterative design process which helps to rapidly define prototypes from content derived from large complex data sets, multiple information sources and company defined business objectives.

Building a Better Solution One Step at a Time

Our Proven Methodolgy

Whether it's launching an application from our Standard Applications or creating a Custom Application we use our proven methodology to achieve timely and excellent results:

We start with a structured findings process, through meetings and working sessions designed to gain a clear understanding of your company’s business objectives and parameters of the project.

As a design tool, or for projects where design parameters are not firmly established, we often recommend production of an innovative concept prototype. The prototype is built utilizing an iterative design technique and is used to test against use-case scenarios and verify usability and business logic. This technique helps to rapidly bring a level of intuitive understanding and organization to content derived from large complex data sets and information variables. This prototype gives you a model that closely approximates the feel of the actual system and details the information architecture. In addition, the process shortens production time while managing expectations and schedule.

After the approved prototype and specifications, production on the system begins. During this phase, regular review sessions are scheduled to keep track of progress and updates on the system. Depending on the application our development and life cycle model may follow standard SDLC or other methodologies such as Agile or Rational Unified Process.

Ongoing QC testing is conducted throughout the production phase of the project. Upon completion of the test version, the system is fully tested in-house and once approved, then introduced for end-user and beta testing.

Where appropriate, a training program is devised before full system rollout occurs. Frequently, a small pilot group of users is designated for a limited time period. This allows for structured feedback to be processed before full deployment.

We want to ensure your ongoing satisfaction. We develop a long-term strategic plan, which incorporates a schedule for system upgrades and ongoing maintenance.

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